Our Top 5 picks are our faves among faves. Fueled by their personal food passions, Frolickers sample dishes from all over, compare them on qualities including taste, texture and overall stay-on-the-brain power, and come up with these rankings. The scene is constantly changing, so occasionally we’ll revisit Our Top 5 picks to keep the most popular posts updated.

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Our Top 5: Restaurants for Chinese New Year

  1. Lagoon Chinese Restaurant
  2. On On Chinese Restaurant at Kapahulu
  3. Little Village Noodle House
  4. Beijing Chinese Restaurant
  5. Yauatcha

Our Top 5: Affordable takeout sushi

  1. Makoto Sushi
  2. Hawaii Sushi
  3. Family Sushi House
  4. Domo Cafe
  5. Superb Sushi

Our Top 5: Roast pork

  1. Chun's Meat Market
  2. Fong's Meat Market
  3. Roast Duck Kitchen
  4. Nam Fong
  5. Char Siu House
Our Top 5: New wave townie brunches

Our Top 5: New wave townie brunches

  1. Mud Hen Water
  2. Scratch Kitchen & Meatery 
  3. Vegan Hills
  4. Egghead Cafe
  5. Sunny Days
After Yotteko-Ya, my top 5 ramen

Our Top 5: Ramen

  1. Agu Ramen Bistro
  2. Golden Pork
  3. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka
  4. Manichi
  5. Goma Tei 
Our Top 5: New-wave shave ice

Our Top 5: New-wave shave ice

  1. Aloha Ice at The Street
  2. Lemona Hawaii
  3. Matcha Stand Maiko
  4. The Local Hawaii
  5. Island Vintage Shave Ice
Our Top 5: Luxe sushi omakase

Our Top 5: Luxe sushi omakase

  1. Sushi Sho
  2. Sushi Ginza Onodera
  3. Maru Sushi 
  4. Gaku
  5. Sushi You 
Our Top 5: Sushi omakase that won’t break the bank

Our Top 5: Sushi omakase that won’t break the bank

  1. Morio's Sushi Bistro
  2. Sushi Murayama
  3. Katsumidori Sushi Tokyo
  4. Maguro-ya
  5. Sushi Bar at Natsunoya Tea House
Our Top 5: Gourmet burgers

Our Top 5: Gourmet burgers

  1. Square Barrels
  2. Piggy Smalls
  3. Fete Hawaii
  4. Burgers and Things
  5. Artizen by MW

Our Top 5: Old-school comfort cheeseburgers

  1. Jane's Fountain
  2. W&M Bar-B-Q Burger
  3. Okata Bento
  4. Rainbow Drive-In
  5. Shige's Saimin Stand

Our Top 5: Her cheap plate lunches

  1. Richie's Drive-Inn
  2. L&R Drive Inn
  3. Rainbow Drive-In
  4. Waiakamilo Drive Inn
  5. Joe's Grill Express

Our Top 5: His cheap plate lunches

  1. Rainbow Drive-In
  2. Kahai Street Kitchen
  3. Sugoi
  4. L&L Drive-Inn/L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
  5. Yama's Fish Market

Our Top 5: Manapua

  1. Sing Cheong Yuan
  2. Royal Kitchen
  3. Chun Wah Kam
  4. Char Hung Sut
  5. Libby Manapua