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3The juice craze is in full gear in Hawaii, with new juice bars emerging across the islands. The latest: Salted Lemon, which recently opened in a former shoe store in the Liliha area.

As its namesake suggests, owner Patrick Nguyen’s specialty is the Salted Lemon drink ($4), made from lemons that are brined and fermented in the sun for months. Lemons have long been known for their medicinal use, being high in vitamin C, which can strengthen the immune system. They’re also a good source for potassium, calcium, fiber and vitamin B6. Nguyen says he’d often get treated for colds by drinking a Salted Lemon. Another unique drink is the Thai Gingerade ($4), made from lemonade blended with fresh pressed ginger and basil.

All juices are $7, while smoothies run under $5, with ingredients coming from Kahuku Farms.

4Nguyen’s focus of Salted Lemon is to rely on natural sugars from fruits and vegetables and only use simple syrup as additions to smoothies. The healthy menu offerings of Salted Lemon are similar to what Nguyen says he eats at home.

You could say Salted Lemon is a reincarnation of Bob’s Market, which sold fresh produce and was run by Nguyen’s parents for 26 years before it closed. With Nguyen’s mother battling cancer and going through chemotherapy, he started making juices for her and soon decided that the neighborhood should have the same fresh options. In the future, Nguyen hopes to hold events at Salted Lemon, start walking or running groups, offer lunch items and build a detox program.

Salted Lemon

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Owner Patrick Nguyen remodeled the space with help from his family, using wood that was thrown away at Hickam Air Force Base. The walls are painted to show the aging process of fruit.

Salted Lemon
1723 Liliha St.
Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m.-6 p.m.