Our Top 5: Bento

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With bento being one of Hawaii’s most beloved foods, I’m sure everyone has a favorite. The variety of meat, veggies, egg and rice make it perfect for field trips, picnics and lunch on the go. If you’re like me, I was always excited when mom would get me a bento in elementary school when we had a class trip.

When deciding on the quality of a bento, I look for well-seasoned ingredients, overall value and how tasty the meal is when eaten cold.

Here are my favorites:

No. 5: Kabuki Restaurant

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Kabuki is one of those old-school Japanese restaurants that has been around for decades. They offer takeout-only bentos that you can phone in and pick up. The offerings range from chicken katsu to saba to salmon and cost from $7-$10. I like the salmon bento with shrimp tempura ($9.40). It comes with teriyaki chicken, gobo and rice. The salmon is flaky and flavorful and is the star of this bento. The teriyaki chicken is a generous portion and the charcoal grilling adds a nice smoky flavor.

Kabuki Restaurant
600 Kapiolani Blvd.


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