Made in Hawaii: Maui Sweet Cakes

Made in Hawaii: Maui Sweet Cakes

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I’m always looking for unique, local omiyage to share with friends and family outside of Hawaii, so it was nice to meet the woman behind Maui Sweet Cakes recently after following each other on social media for a while. Heidi Cramer had come over to Oahu for some sales calls, and we somehow managed to squeeze some time in to meet and talk about her cookies.

Cramer had moved to Maui on a whim 23 years ago for a change of scenery, not expecting to stay more than a few months. But life happened, and after making some career moves in the hotel industry, she started her own business. You can read about her path on her website, so fast forward to today and her specialty gourmet cookies enhanced with local flavors.


I only tried three items, shown: Vanilla cookie with sprinkles, ginger spice shortbread, and lilikoi shortbread. By far my favorite was the lilikoi shortbread, with its hint of tanginess, plus it’s cut into bite-sized rounds for easy eating. The ginger shortbread didn’t have a very strong taste, but it did have nice added texture from the candied ginger. This is probably the best one for omiyage since it comes in a clear box. The vanilla cookie was fun, but as you can see, it’s an impulse buy for eating in the moment.

You can try the Maui Sweet Cakes cookies at the Made in Hawaii Festival this weekend, too, instead of flying all the way to the Valley Isle! Let me know which one was your favorite.

Made In Hawaii Festival 
August 18 to 20
Blaisdell Center
Admission is $6; children 6 years of age or younger are free