It’s Monday — here’s some Hibiki whisky gelato

Order your 2 oz scoop at Nomu Bar in Waikiki Yokocho.

It’s Monday — here’s some Hibiki whisky gelato

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With temperatures soaring into the high 80s this week, I could definitely use some respite. What better way to cool off than with a scoop of Suntory Hibiki whisky gelato?


Well, the folks at Waikiki Yokocho have just that and it hits the spot. The creamy gelato is exclusive to Nomu Bar and Beniya and carries the signature honeyed sweetness of Hibiki Harmony with a touch of orange peel on the end.

From the first spoonful, there’s a potent kick of oaky whisky – the lingering alcohol sits on your tongue before it dissolves into sweet satisfaction. You’ll want to heighten the experience with a splurgy shot of Hibiki neat ($20). The sample I had was small but it was enough to bring out the flavors of this boozy gelato.

Pictured are smaller samples of Hibiki Harmony, but you can order yourself a glass of whisky to pair with gelato.

Pictured are small samples of Hibiki Harmony. You can order a larger glass to pair with the gelato.

At $9, you might say that’s a damn expensive scoop of ice cream. But those that crave the taste of Japanese whisky might be willing to pay a premium for it in any form. I’m certainly ready for my next scoop.

Treat yourself soon. Because Hibiki doesn't grow on trees, this gelato is on a limited run now through August 31.

Treat yourself soon. Hibiki doesn’t grow on trees; this gelato is on a limited run.

This gelato is only available until Aug. 31, so if you’re a sweet tooth with a taste for good whisky, I’d head down soon.

Nomu Bar and Beniya
Waikiki Yokocho
2250 Kalakaua Ave.