Hidden gem: Mayita’s Grill

Remember when that one guy warned that if his candidate didn’t win the White House, we’d have a taco truck on every corner? Well, it looks like this delicious scenario just might be happening in Honolulu.

For some reason, street tacos served in front of a liquor store, a check-cashing business and a nail salon screams “authentico.”

I can’t tell you how many new taco trucks, stands and shops have opened up in the past six months, but it makes me muy feliz. These include El Mexi Can in the airport industrial area and La Comida, which pops up around Kakaako. And since February there’s Mayita’s Grill, a tiny taco trailer on Atkinson Drive that usually draws a crowd of hungry passersby.

Oscar Pierre working on some orders.

You’ll find Acapulco native Oscar Pierre in his cart on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings slanging massive burritos along with quesadillas, tostadas and tacos. He’s a one-man show, so if your food takes a while, it’s because it’s made to order and finished on a plancha or flat top. Trust me, it’s worth it.

An absolutely massive carnitas (pork) burrito before it’s rolled up and pressed.

Tacos come loaded with chunky guacamole, but you’ll want to add some of Oscar’s smoky, vinegary chipotle salsa. It’s unlike anything i’ve tasted before.

Quesadillas come stuffed with cheese. I got mine with carne asada ($10) but they can be had with carnitas or chicken as well ($8 each).

What I like about Mayita’s is that there’s no fuss about it. Everything is crisped up on the plancha, so there’s a distinct, unifying mark of Mayita’s food that sets it apart: no limp tortillas coming out of this trailer! The chipotle salsa, marked with smoky and vinegary undertones, is incredible and you’ll want to take as much as you can get.

Mayita’s Grill
433-439 Atkinson Dr.
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 5:45 – 9:30 p.m.