Peru: A Culinary Tour, with Ceviche Tasting Menu from Ed Kenney

January 26, 2019 5:30 PM
Private location
Mo'ili'ili Honolulu, Hawaii, 96826

Enjoy an evening learning about Peruvian cuisine, with a tasting menu prepared by Ed Kenney.

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Cost: $60-70

Peru can lay claim to one of the world's great cuisines. For millennia, the native peoples have cultivated potatoes, corn, squash, peppers, beans, chilies, quinoa, and many other valuable crops. The Pacific Coast provides an abundance of fish and shellfish, and the Amazon region offers delicious tropical fruits.

The Spanish Conquest brought European traditions and ingredients, such as olives, grapes, wheat and rice. Pigs and sheep added meat, as did cows which also contributed milk and cheese. Sugar cane contributed to a wide array of sweet deserts so loved today. African slaves, often the cooks for the wealthy, made the most of poor or discarded ingredients for themselves.

Chinese and Japanese, imported as plantation laborers in the 19th and 20th centuries (much as in Hawai’i), introduced Asian elements such as soy sauce and stir-frying, and helped make ceviche popular. The combination of all these influences with the recent growth of a more prosperous population and increased tourism has led to a blossoming, exciting contemporary culinary scene.

Our culinary ‘tour’ will describe this remarkable history and highlight many of the regional specialties and popular dishes in modern-day Peru.

Participants will enjoy a tasting menu inspired by Peruvian classic dishes using local ingredients, prepared by chef Ed Kenney of town Restaurant.The centerpiece will be Ed's version of ceviche.

Recipes for several typical Peruvian dishes will be provided.

BYOB –Chilean or Argentine wines are suggested. Beer would also go well with Peruvian cuisine.

Presenter: Tom Sheeran is a Slow Food volunteer and an instructor in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UH-Mānoa. His first visit to Peru was in 1980 to visit the ancient Inca sites of Cuzco and Machu Picchu. He has been importing Peruvian textiles, handicrafts and folkart ever since. He recently authored a book on Peruvian textiles, Artists of the Loom: The Ayacucho Weavers of Peru.

Location and directions will be provided to ticket holders 1 week before the event.