Merrie Mile Breakfast at The Street (International Market Place)

Cost: $12.50

Join us after the Merrie Mile for a delicious breakfast at The Street. With your ticket reservation, receive your choice of the following menu items: 

*Each meal comes with a cup of freshly brewed LaMill Coffee or hot tea.

*Includes 1 hour of free validated parking, and $2 every hour thereafter up to 4 hours.

LOCO MOCO - *traditional local Hawaii favorite* white rice, topped with a hamburger patty, sunny-side-up egg and a delicious Maui onion gravy and crispy Maui onion garnish.

SMOKED MARLIN BREAKFAST BOWL - white rice, topped with smoked marlin, two sunny-side-up eggs and garnished with watercress, benishoga, scallions, and furikake.

PINA COLADA FRENCH TOAST - dulce de leche/toasted coconut jam, Japanese milk bread, coconut cream, shaved pineapple, cinnamon sugar, Macadamia nuts.

NUTELLA AND COFFEE AFFOGATO FRENCH TOAST - french toast flavored with famous Los Angeles coffee brand, Lamill coffee with nutella (hazelnut & chocolate) and whipped cream.

LILIKOI PANCAKES - Mochi pancakes with lilikoi (passion fruit) curd and coconut whipped cream.

BANANAS FOSTER PANCAKES - Mochi pancakes topped with carmelized bananas