Unexpected restaurant finds in San Francisco

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I gave you the sweets of San Francisco, now here are some savory spots we tried on this spontaneous weekend trip. I always go to my favorites, like Bar Tartine, but we ventured to some new spots thanks to Hawaii expat Jocelyn Lee and just some old fashioned “being in the right place at the right time.” Here’s a look at Lolò, Nopa, Maykadeh Persian Cuisine, and King of Thai Noodle House.

A weekend in San Francisco

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Also, if you happen to be in San Francisco next June, take in the North Beach Festival. Here’s a very quick look at what we saw:

The annual North Beach Festival

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The North Beach Festival is one of the country's oldest outdoor festivals — this was its 60th year, and it spans a few blocks.

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bingo on King Of Thai. i used to pass it up and go get the duck at Bangkok, just around and up on Powell, then i got hipped to KOT by by my son. 


You're lucky to get into Nopa! King of Thai is a gem though :) Craving that right now!

Melissa808 moderator

@tnakasaki We actually called Nopa on our way there to see if there were any tables, and they said we were in luck....there would possibly be a 20 minute wait. When we got there, I think it was a little less than that. You just never know!