Something new on Maui: Star Noodle’s StarsTruck

On my recent trip to Maui, my friend Julie Yoneyama suggested a little tweet up with some social media friends for lunch so we could check out the new food truck outside Star Noodle. If you’ve tried to get in to the restaurant at peak hours, you know that it can sometimes require a one- to two-hour wait, and local residents just don’t have that kind of time on a workday.

The new venue, called StarsTruck, doesn’t serve the same food as the restaurant, but still offers a number of fusion-y items that are easy to take out or simply eat at the picnic table in front of it. At the moment, it’s just open for lunch, but they’re going to see how it goes as it becomes more popular. After lunch we visited Star Noodle’s sister restaurant, Aloha Mixed Plate, to sample their soon-to-launch poi bowls featuring taro that they grow, harvest, and pound themselves. Now, that’s really local.


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If you go to Star Noodle in Lahaina and don't have time to wait for a table, you might think about trying their grab-and-go food truck, which is just outside their parking lot.

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