Something new: Cafe Maru

People familiar with the old Geisha House on Kapiolani Boulevard have been wondering what took its place. (It’s turned over a few times over the years, so some of you may remember it as Emerald City.) Well, after looking at some of the interesting instagram photos that Cafe Maru — the bar’s new persona — has been posting, I thought I should check it out.

Is it a hostess bar? The photos seem to hint at it, but since opening quietly a month ago, they have been promoting their fresh fruit cocktail soju and fusion-y food. They have regular Korean food, as well, so there seems to be something for everyone.

I’ll be honest: There are some winners on the menu, but not everything is great — maybe because they’re still new and figuring things out. But the prices are comparable to other Korean karaoke bars in town, and it’s still a nice, mellow spot to meet up with friends for a drink and some food. In fact, we’d go back just to eat fried chicken and drink fruity soju.

Cafe Maru

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There wasn't any parking that we could see, so we just parked on the street. See the red doorway on the side? That's the main entrance. Don't be like Will Chen and open the front door, which is where the kitchen is.

Cafe Maru
1035 Kapiolani Blvd.