Shave ice: What I’m eating this summer

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Thanks to global warming, the Hawaii summer heat seems to be getting increasingly oppressive each year. Coupled with the humidity that washes over us in September and October, it’s no wonder that I’m constantly obsessing over shave ice.

I’ve already done a Top 10 shave ice list, then a list of top picks of new styles of shave ice. In both cases, I listed places I liked, but considered fan favorites, as well. This time, I thought I’d just show you what **I’M** eating this summer. I’m a townie, so although I love Baldwin’s lemon peel shave ice, you won’t find me driving out of my way to Waimalu for it. And I like a generous pour of syrup with good service, so you won’t find me going to… a couple of other places. If you want to ogle your favorites, you can click the previous links, but these are the spots you’ll likely find me, trying to cool off.


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It's no secret that I love Ailana. They make their own syrups, many with real fruit, and pour them generously over large mounds of fine ice.

Ailana Shave Ice
1430 Kona St.