Sansei’s fall menu preview

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Every so often, Sansei Waikiki will have a BYOB wine dinner around a special menu theme in their private dining room. These are usually sold out, seasonal events, as they are limited to 22 people, and are a great way to sample different things that the chefs have dreamt up.

I went to their autumn harvest dinner last week to preview new items featured on the Sansei and d.k Steak House fall menus. I’m not sure if they’ll be on the printed menus or simply offered as specials, but you can go in and ask for them to see if they’re available. On one hand, it was great to see how versatile Hawaii ingredients can be in creating fall-themed dishes, since we don’t have seasons like the mainland. We were all blown away at what the chefs made, and their intricate creations. On the other hand, because it was a BYOB affair, we had the freedom to experiment with pairings to see what our individual palates liked best (or not) — and enabled us to come away a little more educated on wine, as well. I was lucky to sit next to some wine geeks (most notably, my neighbor Brent Curlow) who imparted knowledge of different winemakers, terroirs,  historical data, and more to help me learn about the science behind the art of the exquisite wines we were drinking. Here’s a look at dinner:

Sansei fall menu preview

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This is how the evening starts: You get four wine glasses, plus a welcome cocktail to whet your whistle.

If you want to go to the next BYOB dinner, the theme is “Graffiti Sushi & Wagyu Steak” for $70 per person. (Sadly, I have to miss it, as I’ll be covering the Kona Coffee Festival on the Big Island of Hawaii, but post some instagrams if you go so I can live vicariously through you.) Call 808-931-6286 for reservations.