San Francisco: Visiting family & dinner at Zero Zero

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Yesterday was a total chill day, as I made time to visit my cousin Adrienne in Mountain View. All of the girl cousins who are my age are in California, but we got to know each other as kids when they spent the entire summer — every summer — in Hawaii with their grandmother (my grandmother’s sister).

This photo is of me (bottom right) greeting Adrienne (bottom left), Deborah, and Aunty Sue at the airport on one of those summers. I don’t think their sister Stacey was born yet as of this photo.

We would go to the beach almost every day, and by the end of summer, we were all toasty brown — which offset the bright red strawberry shave ice we’d all get to eat on very hot days.

I got to visit them, too, but not for such long chunks of time. We would land in San Francisco and go around Northern California to say hello to all of our relatives.

This photo was taken by my mom in Monterey. Clockwise from top left: Stacey, Uncle Dickie, Aunty Helen, my grandmother, my dad, me, Adrienne, and Deborah.

We’re all so busy now and always working, so we try to see each other once or twice a year, whether in my hometown or theirs. But the days of spending entire summers in Hawaii or weeks in California are long gone. Thank goodness for email and Facebook, so we can better keep in touch and see what we’re all doing!

When I got back to the city, I tweeted up with @Maybellem, @Dotheant, and @MichaelNi, all Hawaii expats living in San Francisco. Anthony is actually the San Francisco account rep for Anthology — how cool is that? — in their satellite office. Michael used to work at Anthology in Honolulu but came here to work at another agency. Here’s how my day went:

No candle jokes, please

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I started my day with a four-alarm fire across the street. About nine fire trucks barreled down Hyde St. at 5 a.m. and when I got out, there were four live TV trucks outside. No one was killed, but a few people were injured due to smoke inhalation.

Verdict: We’ll definitely go to Zero Zero again, but not for pizza. Love the chicken and the pasta!


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