San Francisco: Dinner at Quince

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I had wanted to try Quince for a while, but it was never a big priority for anyone else I traveled with, and it’s not a restaurant that you could dine alone at. Well, the stars lined up in time: My childhood friend Deb Aoki tweeted that she wanted to go, and Quince chef Michael Tusk recently won a James Beard award for “Best Chef — Pacific.”

Yes, it’s a splurge, but well worth it. Deb and I each ordered a tasting menu (seafood for her, “regular” for me) so we could try a larger variety of the restaurant’s seasonal offerings. I was so excited by the food, I forgot to take a photo of us at the table! Oh, well. You’ll see more of my adventures with Deb from this coming weekend.

I’m just going to zip through the photos because, although I’d like to linger on how they tasted, the menu changes constantly so it’s possible you may never see these items on the menu again.


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Most places in San Francisco, even the more chic spots, allow you to wear jeans. I never asked if they were allowed at Quince, but take one look around and you'll see that it's probably not appropriate to dress down. Wear your best coat, put on some decent shoes, and get ready for an elegant meal.

470 Pacific Avenue



Delicate Blossom: While on the subject of eating rabbit, do you know the derivation of the rabbit's foot?


Huckleberry souffle with limoncello sauce sounds onolicious! @Annoddah_Dave rabbit definitely does NOT taste like chicken. i had it as a rack of rabbit (similar to rack of lamb) several years ago in a so-called french restaurant. tastes leaner than beef. it was cooked in some kinda wine sauce. kinda rich, but it was tasty. =)

nonstopmari moderator

loading speed normal for me, maybe @johngarcia fixed already? anyway, i'm hungry now. the word 'huckleberry' took me right back to summer travels in the pnw. how much was the total w/ wine pairings?


Delicate Blossom: Yikes! This is not fuud porn, it is major FUUD ART!! It took nearly as long to load each pix as it was to eat it...almost 30 seconds each. Tell me the rabbit tasted like chicken. The lamb was like how I like it medium rare...I wanna eat there! Haven't seen a frommage cart like that since I was is France. I could sleep for days after a meal like that...alas, no wine pairings..

Melissa808 moderator

@Annoddah_Dave that was odd, I saw my pix loading slowly but I thought it was just me! Maybe @johngarcia knows what's going on. Anyway, the rabbit did not taste like chicken, it tasted more beefy than that! Also, there were wine pairings, but I didn't catch the name of the wines and it wasn't written down. All I can tell you is, the wines were exquisitely paired and it was perfect, just perfect.