Party (and food) Pics: Monkeypod Kitchen grand opening

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As you know, Mari Taketa and I recently did a video review of the newly-opened Monkeypod Kitchen in Ko  Olina. Last night was their official grand opening, with about 250 people filling their second floor. Chef/owner Peter Merriman was on hand, as was Bill Terry, the CEO of Handcrafted Restaurants, LLC (the parent company of Merriman’s ventures). People got to sample some of the menu highlights, and the proceeds from cocktail sales benefitted the Aloha United Way.

Party Pics: Monkeypod Grand Opening

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Angela and Bill Terry, CEO of Handcrafted Restaurants, LLC.

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el westside. the Orange County-fication continues. but i'm not complaining. it's better than ammo dumps, landfill dumps, oil dumps, and it helps my Pinay friend and sometime landlady in Honokai Hale see a property value rise in her forever under construction Manila Mansion. pit bulls are considered and amenity in Honokai Hale. 


i'm glad i saw this because i missed the M&M review, so i got caught up. you know i'm a big fan of Bondo & Scrunch. hope to see you this summer.