New(ish) eats: Hapas Pizza

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The Sheraton Waikiki has a new pizza restaurant facing the Infinity Pool, with chef Darren Demaya bringing classic Italian ingredients together with Hawaiian style. Thus, the name “Hapas,” which means half, but is now usually associated with a blending of cultures and nationalities. We got to try some of their pizzas and pastas recently; if you’re hungry before or after hitting the beach, this may be a nice spot to check out.

Hapas Pizza

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Mahalo to chef Darren Demaya and Mami Yoshimitsu!


Delicate Blossom:  I nearly fell out of my chair when I read "whiff of someone literally cutting the cheese" as it reminded me of my impression when I entered the caves of Roquefort!  LOL


Man, everything in Waiks is so expensive. Pizzas look okay except for that one with the Nalo farms arugula. I don't like salad on top of my pizza!

Melissa808 moderator

@Myong Although....if you compare to Pizza Hut or Papa John's I think it's similar. I say this because I had to buy a pizza recently on the fly and didn't have one of those coupons. OMG.