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If you find yourself in Waikiki and in need of a good cup of coffee, check out Kai Coffee Hawaii, which just opened in the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Resort & Spa.

Whether you want something simple or have a developed coffee palate, you can now get great locally-roasted coffee in Waikiki, including single-origin pour-overs made to order. Here’s what we tried at the grand opening event:

Kai Coffee

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Hi Melissa, sounds good! I am having my first cup right now on Lahaina, Maui... A mix of coffees! I like mixed coffees! :-) much aloha to you, mililani kiesling

Melissa808 moderator

@mililani ooooh thanks for your comment! My captions actually didn't transfer over yet from the old site but I appreciate your visit! 

I heard that mixing coffees can be delicious (one of my friends does it at home and is amazed). I should try that....