Introducing Hawaii: In Real Life

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If you’ve been following my adventures on Twitter, you know that I have a weekly show on Hawaii IRL (which stands for Hawaii: In Real Life). I go to different places on Oahu every week with my business partner and cameraman, Russ Sumida, meet new people and learn new things.

It’s been more of a talk show format where our guests sit with me and we sample their food or talk about their products. We’ve got almost 30 episodes now with a loyal audience — both live and in the chat room.

But Russ and I have been talking about changing up the format so that we can enhance the onsite experience, not to mention avoid some of the technical challenges. Meanwhile, we’ve also been talking about moving pieces of the show to Nonstop Honolulu. So today, we’re unveiling the first Hawaii IRL episode shot and edited in its new format. As you can see, we’re still playing around with the look and feel, but I can promise you this: It will always be at a new place, you will get to see new people, and you will (hopefully) learn something new.

Our first episode was at Kale’s Natural Foods in Hawaii Kai. We got to meet their baker, Jennifer Hee, and talk about some of the items they carry in the deli section of this health food store.

This is just an excerpt of the whole show. If you would like to see the whole thing, including a segment where Russ eats something healthy, go to Hawaii IRL’s site.

Next week, we’ll be making (and eating) chocolate with Chef Philippe Padovani. But in the meantime, let us know what you think (be nice, it’s a work in progress!), and what kinds of stuff you’d like to see!


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Wine Gurl & Chef Ed: Cool video. Not bad for spontaneous production. Okay, I am waiting for the M&M cooking show to be next!? That one should make Aunty Marialani cry!!


I like the videos that NS is putting out... it shows a very human side of our beloved bloggers. Agree with Mari that the two of you should interact more, I enjoy the banter. That hummus sounded REALLY good. HAPPY THANKSGIVING NS ohana! :o)


hahaha forgot what I was originally gonna say ... but I'm not sure I'd be looking for hummus in Hawai'i. We have a lot of Middle Easterners in Cleveland area and it is as easy to find really good hummus here as it is to find sushi in Hawai'i ... my fave is done by an Egyptian lady, but can't say I've ever had bad or dry hummus here


hahaha ... interesting ... 'vegan choco chips?' ... what makes them vegan? am guessing that a lot of choco chips must have butter or some other animal fats added?


i had been wondering if this was in the works, either great minds think alike or i've got way too much time on my hands.

nonstopmari moderator

so cute, u guys! ed shd talk more thruout rather than just at the end. mixes it up better to have the 2 personalities talking.


@Maxcat Wait, it was hummus? I thought they were trying haggis?!



@nonstopmari Ed was too busy imagining all the things he was going to try and make with coconut oil I think.