Hawaii: In Real Life ~ Whatchafillin’

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A new food truck hit the streets two weeks ago with a cute name and interesting offerings: Whatchafillin.’ No, there shouldn’t be a question mark there; it’s their statement of a name. If you’ve ever had the Japanese obanyaki/dorayaki, or the Taiwanese chēlún bǐng, this is a riff on that pancake filled with azuki beans or custard. Here, sisters Christie and Tracy use a special waffle batter, and fill it with things like ham, cheese, and caramelized onions; banana, Nutella, and peanut butter; chocolate fudge, marshmallow, and graham cracker; teriyaki beef; and more.

I found them on Ward Avenue outside Sports Authority, but follow them on Facebook or @Whatchafillin on Twitter and Instagram to find out where they are each day, as they don’t have a regular spot yet. You can also catch them this Saturday at Eat the Street Kapolei, and try any of their eight waffles for yourself.

After this, we climbed into the truck to see how they make things and talk story some more. Visit HawaiiIRL.com to see that video! Note, I couldn’t finish my waffles that day so I took it home. They were still pretty good rewarmed the next day.



This pastry is very special in Japan and Taiwan.  In Taiwan they call it cartwheel cake or wheel cart in Chinese.  It filled with red bean paste or green bean paste or custard filling. It really street food at it best. There none in San Francisco that have it so people in Honolulu should try it out and enjoy it.


Delicate Blossom:  Waffles, eh?  Hopefully, they will feature one with ice cream and strawberries.

Melissa808 moderator

 @Annoddah_Dave would have to be on the side.....you saw the video right? it's like a sammich.