Hawaii: In Real Life ~ Wahoo’s Hawaii

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There’s quite a bit going on around town for Cinco de Mayo (for Quatro de Mayo, as well), but here’s one more spot to check out if you want something a little more casual. A bunch of social media people were invited to Wahoo’s Kahala recently to learn more about their menu offerings, with good timing for one of the biggest Americanized Mexican celebrations of the year.

Most people know about Wahoo’s on Ward Avenue, which is more like fast food since you order at a counter and grab your soft drinks from a soda dispenser. (The food is still made fresh, though.) Most people — except for people who live nearby — don’t know about Wahoo’s at Kahala Mall, which is behind McDonald’s and the post office. Unlike the Ward location, it’s all table service, and they offer a few more things on the menu, like ice cream floats and the gigantic brownie sundae. While we were there, Stephanie Pietsch, one of the owners, came by to welcome us and tell us more about the food. She was so engaging, we grabbed her and had her do a video interview with us on the spot.

We talked story some more to find out how Wahoo’s came about and as always, a delved a little more into more personal details with Stephanie. Visit HawaiiIRL.com to see more! For information on Wahoo’s Cinco de Mayo celebration, click here.


Hello Melissa,

We're been to the Kahala Wahoo's a fews times since I live in the area. I like the food and they have healthy choices too. But unfortunately we didn't go there for Cinco de Mayo.


Delicate Blossom:  I guess I am just an old fut...May 5th will always be "Boys' Day" for me, with carps flying above.  If I were of Mexican heritage, I am sure I would be into it!! O'le!

Melissa808 moderator

 @Annoddah_Dave oh people of non-Hispanic heritage celebrate! I guess it's an excuse to celebrate, ha.