Hawaii: In Real Life ~ Ocean Vodka

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On a recent trip to Maui, Dania Katz (@DaniaEdibleHI) took me on a little detour to check out Ocean Vodka’s (@OceanVodka) new farm and distillery near Kula. Many of you may know Ocean Vodka as a brand that uses water from the deep sea off of Kona … thus, the name. But the water isn’t the only local thing about this spirit.

Ocean Vodka is owned by the Smith family on Maui. Earlier this year, they acquired 80 acres of land near Kula so they could grow their own sugar cane to make it. Why grow your own? Well, they want their product to be local and organic in every way, and this was one way to ensure quality control. They also built a new warehouse/office/distillery on the lot to centralize operations, and again meet standards for keeping the operation organic.

While taking a tour of the facility, Shay Smith stopped by, so I thought I’d turn this into a @HawaiiIRL episode and have him explain why Ocean Vodka is so special, to you. Since I’m holding the camera, Dania stood in for me as the host.

Not that you needed another reason to drink good vodka, but it’s good to know they’re local, organic, and an active community supporter. If you want to learn more about Ocean Vodka, click here. If you want to see a few more photos and video clips from my tour that day, click here.


Delicate Blossom:  Whoa! what happened to potatoes? LOL  Vodka has really taken off with so many tutti-fruitti variations.  Next we may see vodka made from bitter melon?

Melissa808 moderator

 @Annoddah_Dave Who knew, right? I also wondered where the potatoes were, but Shonna & Shay got all scientific on me.