Hawaii: In Real Life ~ mixologist Joey Gottesman

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As you saw in last week’s Hawaii IRL, the Hawaii Foodbank is holding its annual foodie fundraiser on March 23, Great Chefs Fight Hunger. (Click here to see last year’s photos.) About 20 local chefs are participating, so the food is obviously the big draw…but the drinks are equally special. There will be stations throughout the event that will provide wine, champagne, and possibly sake, plus coffee, tea, and some soft drinks — all that you would want.

Youngs Market Co., however, brings in their mixologist, Joey Gottesman, to create one special cocktail for the event. He goes all out, too: Instead of just creating a drink out of some of his favorite spirits, he does his own handmade blends, candies his own hibiscus syrup, and I think he even burns his own kiawe wood, as you’ll see in the following video. The result is a candied Cuba Libre, which he puts together here:

In watching his process, on and off camera, we had to wonder: why go through all that trouble to create one cocktail? In our next video on HawaiiIRL.com, Joey explained a little about gaining an appreciation for such upscale spirits, how they’re made, and how to appreciate them (versus getting hammered from overconsumption).

In the meantime, get your tickets to the Hawaii Foodbank’s Great Chefs Fight Hunger, as tickets sell out quickly. I’ll try to do one more preview of the event for you in the next week as the chefs decide on their dishes.