Hawaii: In Real Life ~ Maui Country Farm Tours

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Even if you aren’t new to Maui, you might want to try Maui Country Farm Tours, a cool new foodie activity. Our Twitter friend, Marilyn Jansen Lopes, recently started these tours with her husband, Rick, and they’ll be taking groups to see various farms in upcountry Maui.

Even some Maui chefs don’t know all of the farms or produce that their island has to offer, so this will be huge for them as they sniff out new ingredients to use. I’m told there’s a farm there that’s now raising Berkshire pigs, a rare and highly prized breed from Britain. It will be interesting to see what Marilyn and Rick discover with their chefs—and Maui visitors—in the months to come.

Here’s a quick look at our visit to Alii Kula Lavender.

I wish I had smell-o-vision so you would know how great it all smelled! Also, here’s a small gallery of what we saw. Big mahalo to Joey the gardener, who can’t believe he’s an internet superstar.

Maui Country Farm Tours

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While on Maui, I caught up with my Twitter friend Marilyn Jansen-Lopes ( @Jamarilyn), who recently started Maui Country Farm Tours with her husband, Rick. They will be taking groups to the various farms in upcountry Maui to meet the farmers and see how the island's products are grown. This is probably going to be a good tour for island chefs, who need to keep abreast of cool new ingredients.

Maui Country Farm Tours


Laurie, I look forward to meeting you soon on Maui. We're going to have so much fun on the country farm tours...


@jamarilyn It was nice seeing you & Rick on @melissa808 's video. I haven't been to Alii Kula in awhile, but luckily we can get their products in Honolulu. I hope to be able to return to Maui soon so I can take your Maui farm tour.


lavender, the new Maui wowie. my first wife used lavender water. she was an old fashioned girl. she smelled good. my housekeeper uses something called FABULOSO! it's supposed to smell like lavender. it doesn't. my wife told her it smelled like poverty. my wife should know. she grew up poor. i mean really poor. she chopped cotton in Mississippi. she said i should go to Maui and chop lavender. i guess i'll hear about what i did wrong later tonight.

nonstopmari moderator

nice job on the video! that kula lavender place is one big spread of smell-o-liciousness. will pass on the word abt the new country farm tour, looks like something a lot of ppl wd like.

Melissa808 moderator

@turkfontaine actually, Fabuloso! Could be a particular strain of lavender. We asked Joey about the different kinds of lavender and how they smell, what they're used for, etc. and he mentioned one that actually didn't smell very good.