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While most of you were paying attention to the annual Sony Open in Hawaii (@SonyOpenHawaii) for the golf this past weekend, I — the non-golfer — checked out one of its fabulous food events … of course. The Pro-Am awards gala was held in the Hawaii Convention Center on Friday night, a much-awaited event that always features a renowned chef’s creations and an up-close-and-personal mini concert by a famous band or musician.

It was pretty crowded, so it wasn’t easy to get photos, but here’s a quick look at what I did:

Sony Open awards gala

The main hall downstairs was transformed into a gorgeous ballroom with lights creating tapestry, grand chandeliers, and artful centerpieces.

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Here’s Chicago performing their still-popular “If you leave me now” ballad:

Mahalo to Wedge Lee for the invitation!


Delicate Blossom:  No wonder Chicago boogied out of the Blaisdell so fast they did that gig at the Sony.  Went to the concert and like you enjoy the brass and wind part of the band sound.  Unfortunately, the mixer at the concert concentrated on the bass, drums, and synthesizer so the brass and wind were totally blown away.  For the most part, they sounded like any rock and roll band ...heavy drums, guitar, bass, and synthesizer.  Oh yeah, we had some guys (not gals, guys) behind us only interested in whistling,screaming and yelling not really appreciating the "music".  It would have been better to listen to the DVD/CD.  Luckily, you had guud fuud and Chicago...at least YOU could hear the brass and wind.  Could not comment on this post yesterday due to some glitch...

Melissa808 moderator

 @Annoddah_Dave thanks for letting us know about the glitch, I gotta tell our editor! But wow I didn't know they cut their concert short! They ARE kinda old....hahaha


 @Melissa808 Delicate Blossom:  Chicago did not cut it short as they played approximately 2 hrs, but only 2 numbers for their encore and they left...I was surprised how fast the crew was taking down the musical equipment as we were still walking out of the arena.  It was like "old" guys rushing out of the house for a hot date!  If that were me, I probably forget to zip up the pants...