Did this: Night in Chinatown

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You’ve seen the usual party, food, and parade pics from the annual Night in Chinatown on Maunakea St., so we didn’t want to post more of the same. Instead, Tracy Chan and Melissa Chang wandered the streets to show you some of the things they enjoyed at the festival.

Chinese New Year Street Festival

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This past weekend, the streets of Chinatown were filled, more so on Saturday night, when they closed down Maunakea St. for the big Night in Chinatown. Photo by Tracy Chan.


Hello Melissa!

We were there too! My mom used to make gin dui but not anymore, too humbug. She'll be making jai this weeekend and she made jook and gao earlier in the week.



Gin dui is not as easy to make even with recipe.  I try to make it and ended up hit the deck and take cover for it explode on me.  The temperature was too high I guess.  My mother and grandmother made it well. 

There so many different way to make it some with brown sugar other white sugar.  It a skill I see so special in making it and these Chinese women got it down very good.

I still trying and have not given up at all and maybe one day get it right.



different is better than two blogs/sites showing the same old boring party and nightclub pics. great ideas, people !!!

Melissa808 moderator

 @bettydalycity Let me know if you need a sampler!! For me, it tastes so much better when someone else makes it for me. I'm not even going to try!