Did this: Malama Maui

The Hawaii Food and Wine Festival is set to make its third year a big one: Although the events take place on Oahu this week, the festival itself kicked off with a special, open-air, open-kitchen dinner at the Hyatt Regency Maui over the weekend. Renowned local, national and international chefs came together to present a menu using local ingredients in their unique styles. Maui culinary students were on hand to help with preparation and plating.

Instead of the usual grazing, this was a table service dinner. The featured chefs were on stage plating each dish assembly-line style, which was a unique way to show how they work.

Hawaii Food & Wine on Maui

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Having fun behind the scenes: chefs Marcel Vigneron and Hiroyuki Sakai prepping in the Hyatt kitchen during the day. —Photo by Ed Morita