Did this: Jikoen bon dance

It’s been a month since I did a blog to kick off bon dance season, and I had not been to one yet. Since Donna Shiroma Nakasue (@Champuru) was nice enough to show me some bon dance etiquette for my video, that was the first place I thought of hitting up this weekend. Plus, since Jikoen Hongwanji is an Okinawan temple, it is known to have some good grinds, and the music is much more animated and festive.

Jikoen Bon Dance

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I didn't know they were going to do this, but this year, the temple decided to get back to its roots. Usually the bon dance features Okinawan dances on one night (mixed with Japanese) and Japanese on the other. This year, they decided it would be an all-Okinawan fete.

Here’s a video of the special dance and procession by the Young Okinawans. You won’t see this at most other bon dances, so be sure to catch it during obon season next year!

Still need to catch a bon dance this summer? Here’s a link to my video on how to get your bon dance on, plus a calendar of dates and locations through the beginning of September.