Did this: Hula Grill’s chocolate/beer dinner

Chocolate goes well with almost anything, but I don’t know if many people know that it goes well with beer. The bitterness in dark chocolate apparently goes well with the various flavors that different beers (especially stouts) impart, leaving a nice mouthfeel for those that know how to pair it.

Knowing this, Hula Grill Waikiki had an artisinal dinner last night, featuring Madre Chocolate — which is Hawaii’s first bean-to-bar operation — and Big Island Brewhaus, both award-winning, local companies with delicious products. Madre Chocolate has a pretty big name in the chocolate world, and they have a wide variety of chocolates to please different palates. I’m not knowledgeable in beers, but Tom Kerns of Big Island Brewhaus is like a “beer god” to many in the brewing world.

Hula Grill’s chefs put their creativity to the test and came up with five dishes to go with the various chocolates and beers. The pork, beef and desserts seemed like natural pairings, but scallops and kampachi with chocolate? Yes, chocolate goes with everything.

Hula Grill chocolate/beer dinner

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This was a nicely-done collaboration, with Nat Bletter of Madre Chocolate, one of the Hula Grill chefs, and Thomas Kerns of Big Island Brewhaus (his wife is on the right).

The proceeds from this dinner benefitted Localicious, a program to further ag education in Hawaii’s schools. Every locavore dinner benefits a local organization to promote awareness of their cause. To find out about the next locavore dinner at Hula Grill Waikiki, follow them on social media.