Did this: Buy Back The Beach

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This past weekend, I was honored to again be a part of the social media team for the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust’s “Buy Back the Beach” event. The fundraiser, now in its 11th year, features exceptional food, great entertainment and a live auction with unique packages.

Our job on the social media team prior to the event is to blog about it to raise awareness and hopefully sell seats. Our job that evening is to post live updates to Twitter and Facebook so that people could see what a great event it was. Did it work? Well, we got a few more sponsors for next year, so I hope we can make it a bigger, better event.

Here’s how our evening went. Aside from the food, I want to show off some of the power players in Maui’s social media community, because these people are really doing some neat things in their communities. I hope you follow them to see what they’re doing.

Buy Back the Beach 2012

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Meet Sara Smith of Hawaiian Islands Land Trust, who helped coordinate the event; and Michael Moore, who owns Old Lahaina Luau. Every year, Michael puts up the venue, buys the food, and pays the staff for the night to ensure "Buy Back the Beach" has a home. When you add it all up in your head, that's a huge donation from his business.

Peter Liu (@PeterLiu47) got some wonderful shots during the evening. I have camera envy! If you’d like to see his photos, click here.

Hope to see you next year!