Aloha Shanghai! New sights in an old city

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Aloha Shanghai!Inevitably when I travel, I fall a day or two behind in my blogs due to fatigue and/or lack of time. This time, I also had to factor in spotty internet connectivity, so I am now behind four days. I hope you’re still on my journey with me!

Since this is my third time to Shanghai, I wanted to do and see things I had not seen before, and more off the beaten path. Yesterday’s adventure to Shanghai’s Jewish ghetto and the old slaughterhouse were definitely interesting sights in that vein. On this day, we went to the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition, which is an interactive museum showing detailed progress of this popular harbor city’s growth, from its historical and traditional beginnings to the current metropolis of 23 million people. It then gives you a glimpse at what the government thinks Shanghai’s future will look like.

The displays are very elaborate and well done, especially the scaled model of the entire city. If you have the time, I do recommend it, as it is interesting on many levels.

We visited Shanghai’s famous Bund after dinner, and it’s definitely something you should do at night (preferably a weeknight, as weekend traffic is crazy). Be sure to get there early, however, as the lights go out promptly at 10 p.m.

Aloha Shanghai!

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The People's Square has some neat places to visit, one of which is the Urban Planning Exhibition Center. If you have the time, I recommend checking it out.

I decided to put our dinner in a separate gallery for those of you who come to my blog just for the food. On this night, we decided to go with Hunan Country Cuisine on Wulumuqi Road near Anfu, which is a very casual restaurant. At this writing, there’s not a lot about it on the internet, so I can’t give you better directions than the address and the photos if you decide to find it yourself. I do hope you find it, though, especially if you like spicy food, because this place will give your taste buds a flaming hot experience! They do have some mild dishes, but you really want to at least try a few of the traditionally spicy ones. Don’t be afraid; these dishes were very tasty and I find myself wishing I could have another bite. Tip: Do order more than just water to help extinguish the flames on your tongue and lips. My nieces had beer, while I had orange juice.

Hunan Country Cuisine

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There are tons of Hunan restaurants in Shanghai, but Cymri recommended this one. It wasn't too crazy crowded, but reservations are recommended.

168 Wulumuqi Middle St.

These were just the highlights. For more photos, click here.

Up next: The remains of the world expo site and dinner at Shintori!