Aloha Brisbane! Our last day

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We had almost one full day left in Brisbane, and it was a Sunday. What to do? We needed to do something in the city to ensure we got to the airport on time, but not too strenuous. I wanted to take in a farmer’s market, but there were only two that we could find on the web, and they were far apart. Lisa Yanger met us, too, so she could explore her new home city. Here’s what we did:

Aloha Brisbane!

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After checking out of our hotel, we headed back toward the South Bank. Remember the park I shot on my first night? This is the other side. Anzac Square is a Queensland state memorial to men and women who served in overseas armed service and is named in honor of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

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Those desserts look amazing. Should have gone too! Australia is a great place to visit.


Thanks for the great pictures!

Does Cat just pack a couple sets of clothes?


Delicate Blossom:  Like the commercial...Next Stop ...Zippy's!  Thanks for sharing, I like this type of traveling.  No packing hassles, no customs, no TSA, no crowded and cramped airplane seats, no waiting, no walking, no shopping, no camera to lug, no cost, etc.  Only thing, the fuud is NOT REAL!