Why do guys love the raspy voice?

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Earlier this year a new study shed light on the rules of attraction between men and women.

And part of that study focused on the sound of our voices.

For example, women with high-pitched voices apparently prefer deep-voiced, manly men. These women are not only thought of are sounding more attractive but often have faces others consider more attractive as well. (That’s what the study said.)

I’ve been thinking about this because, for the past few months, I’ve had this problem with my throat — and it’s causing me to sound like a veteran chain smoker.

Now normally my voice is fairly low. I don’t squeak or screech and can’t hit a high C.

But ever since I had a sinus infection — compounded with colds, flus and an allergy to mango flowers — I haven’t been able to shake this raspy voice.

And I get complimented on it. Complimented. Even though I sound like a teenage boy going through puberty.

So what’s with the attractiveness (to men) of a raspy voice? Think Demi Moore, Rachael Ray and Angie Harmon.

Someone explain this to me. Because I seriously don’t get it.


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