So glad Clooney didn’t bus’ Pidgin

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I was a little surprised “The Descendants” won Best Motion Picture in the drama category in Sunday’s 69th annual Golden Globes.

The movie, based on the novel written by Kaui Hart Hemmings, beat out “Hugo,” “The Ides of March,” “The Help,” “Moneyball” and “War Horse.” (Read more in the New York Times here.)

I wasn’t surprised because it wasn’t good. Far from that. In fact, the movie, about a Hawaii land baron and his troubled family, was surprisingly good, very realistic and well executed. And I don’t usually like movies about Hawaii.

Residents will agree: Hollywood hasn’t done the best job depicting our life in the Islands. It’s like all we do is surf and walk around in bikinis. I’m glad this movie — and you can tell from the opening scenes — shows the real Hawaii. The traffic on H-1, the bustling lunch hour in downtown, the homeless. It wasn’t a romanticized version of Hawaii. The movie let Hawaii be the background, not the main character.

And George Clooney — who took home the Best Actor award on Sunday for this role — was spot on. He didn’t overact, he didn’t botch (too many) Hawaiian words, and he didn’t try to speak Pidgin.

Typically, I prefer books over their movie versions. (“The Help,” by the way, is way better than the movie. And the movie was pretty good.) But in this case, dare I say, I might have preferred the movie to the book.

Anyone saw the movie — or read the book? What did you think about the way Hawaii was depicted? Were the characters — haole-fied trust fund Hawaiians with membership to Outrigger Canoe Club — accurate? Did the music — either instrumental or sung in Hawaiian and no Iz — work?

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I really liked the movie, however I noticed one of the characters mispronounced "Kahoolawe". In addition to that, he even said he was getting back from "business on Kahoolawe", which I guess could be possible.


Haven't read the book but I thought the film was excellent, in fact it's my favorite film of 2011. I'm hoping both Clooney and the film carry the momentum to the Oscars, but then again the Oscars have been crap for a long time...yet I still watch and hope for my faves to win, which they never do. Sigh...


CAT: I too was surprised to see that the movie got the best pix. i thought it was quite good but not worthy of best pix. Maybe it is my negative bias. There were some very special scenes...especially the contrast of the hustle and bustle of Honolulu and the idyllic paradise of the land to be sold. Was that the place you went to on the Big Island?