Great Debate: Phones in the potty?

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The other day I was in the restroom at a restaurant and heard the woman in the next stall talking.

And not to me.

She was, I figured out, talking on her cell phone.

It was such a strange experience — even for me as an innocent participant in this. I mean, I didn’t want to flush for fear of “outing” this woman, who was casually chatting on her iPhone like she was lounging in her living room.

I’ll admit: I’ve walked into the bathroom still on the phone. But I wouldn’t go into full restroom action with someone on the other end listening. That’s just rude — and gross.

But why? We don’t seem to mind people talking in restrooms. Why is it different if that conversation is taking place on a mobile device?

Probably because we suspect the person on the other end doesn’t know where the caller is — or what those strange sounds are. And we feel awkward, not just for us, but for that unsuspecting person on the line.

The bathroom should be a private space — even if it’s a public restroom. I’m not going to subject others to my bathroom antics — and neither should you.

What do you think?


better listen to Dr. Toilet. she's an expert in comode communications, see her archive.

johngarcia moderator

haha! I'm a fan of tweeting while peeing... talking in the bathroom, though, unless I'm at home — I don't do it.

nonstopmari moderator 1 Like

i do this at home all the time (put phone on mute if it's not my sister), but in public? omg no! it's an invasion of other ppl's privacy.


Oops, I'm totally guilty of this. To my credit, I'll make phone calls, but I usually only do it if the bathroom is empty. As soon as someone comes in, I say I have to go. BTW, my Mom knows I talk to her in the bathroom. I don't even warn her before I flush. :)


@CAPSUN You won't even warn her? Mean!


@Cat Well, if I'm being honest, I learned that trick from my Mom. True story.