Cat Chat episode 7: Holiday wine pairings

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Ever wonder what kind of wine goes with, say, ham or that fruitcake you got from your co-worker upstairs?

Well, Shannon Ball of The Wine Experience explains the best wine pairings for your Christmas dinner, whether that includes turkey or generous helpings of sugar cookies.

(Of course, you can always ditch the wine and grab a cold beer or Diet Coke. But I digress.)

Shannon tells what I can’t — which is what’s the best wines for your Christmas get-together so you don’t look as ignorant about wines as me when you show up to dinner holding the wrong bottle. (Or, in my case, a bottle of Patron.)

You can thank Shannon later.

Got a question for Shannon — or me? Post ’em here. We love hearing from you!

Happy Holidays, everyone!




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So how long did it take to finish all three bottles? BTW: Cat you were slamming those glasses down. A two glass limit on a 6 minute spot... :) you could get a bit of a buzz that way eh?

swbatzer 1 Like

It's Wine the Experience, not The Wine Experience! We love Shannon, and we love WTX. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

WildeOscar 1 Like

Excellent, fun Cat Chat. If that segment was, say, 15 minutes, I suspect that all three of those bottles would have been empty. How I celebrate every Holiday. Any wine can make relatives all blurry.

harrycovair 2 Like

Love that video. Swirl. Sniff the top of the glass to breath in the essence of the wine. Sip and taste the wine at the back of the tongue. Taste the different flavors of the wine. Swallow and taste the lingering effects of the wine. If the wine is good, TANK the rest of the glass in one shot. Oh yeah!


Love the deer horns....


Wow down that wine in one gulp like drinking shots. No sipping just tank 'um. LOL! Must be the antlers.


"Not too sweet, not to rancid, but juuuuuuuust right." ;-) I was waiting for you to go all Aunty Marialani on us. Fun segment Cat. Did Shannon bring that first bottle half empty or were you folks sampling before the camera got rolling. LOL!

Cat 1 Like

My MOM just texted me: "I didn't know you were a closet lush." ACK!


@harrycovair @nonstopmari My mom was shocked at how I just downed that glass of wine at the end. Oh, what moms don't know. :)

nonstopmari moderator

@Cat I KNEW IT!! that diet coke ruse was too transparent. u DOWNED that wine! next time i'm drinking w/ u!


so, I agree w/ Ynaku, just bring em da beea! I also notice that Cat, you suck em up eh?! just kiddin' Bottom line, you gotta enjoy what you're pouring... if your guests or your friends don't like it, too bad, and that just means MORE FOR YOU! Happy Holidays Cat, be blessed in 2011!


@NeilYamamoto Hey, how do you know there was really wine in that glass, huh, huh?


living in the bay area, i drink wine almost every day, either with dinner or later with a snack like Stilton cheese and Gaeta olives. ok, and Twinkies

i get into a rut about what wine with what food. Shannon has a real avant approach. i'd like to see more of his expertise on NSHNL. thanks, Shannon.


Bwahahaha watched it again and you guys too much. Cat, you gotta taste da wine. Make sure "not too sweet, not to rancid, but jus' right eh?" Aunty Marialani would be so proud.

BTW what's the name of the wines you had on the counter left to right please.

Thank you, thank you very much.

Ynaku 1 Like

I have no problem. Bring beer. Well that's what my invitees ask to bring. :-) Interesting to know though.