Cat Chat episode 13: Bubblies

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I’m not a wine snob — trust me, I’ll drink anything — but I do love my bubblies.

Champagne, sparkling wine, moscato d’asti — if it’s got bubbles, I’ll drink it.

So I asked Shannon Ball from Wine The Experience — one of Nonstop’s favorite guests — to talk about my favorite drink and, as a bonus, share with us some of his personal hangover remedies.

So get that champagne flute ready! We’ve got a video you’ll want to bookmark.

Got a suggestion for someone I should interview? Got an idea for a topic I should tackle? Post ’em here. We love hearing from you!


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Great chat Cat....


The best hangover recipe, and I have not used this in a large number of years, is bacon, eggs, a banana, and wash it down with alka seltzer. Of course the best for real is don't get drunk.... duh.

Frankly thinking a wine show would be cool, toss in some cooking and you could be the Hawaiian galloping gourmet.


Good episode. When I was a drinker my best hangover cure was a virgin mary made with V8, generous dash of tabaso and worchestire sauce, pepper and celery salt and a stalk of celery.Followed by a cup of sweet and black Kona coffee.


I think there's been 4 wine episodes, and now here's champagne.
All episodes are super fun,
I'm not a wine drinker, but many more wine themed episodes are ok with me
If you do go in a "different" direction, I have one suggestion
T E Q U I L A !!!!!!


Champagne, mon cher? we men have labored to make women happy. pourquoi? so that women will make men happy. Tel est le mystère de vie

johngarcia moderator

Great Cat Chat! This is the last episode of our first "season" and we'll be switching things up a bit for the next set of shows.
Stay tuned! If you have any feedback, please post it up! Mahalo for watching!


MORE WINE????? Who Hoo nothing wrong with that. Too funny.


@EdW COFFEE! I forgot about that remedy!