Cat Chat episode 2: Black Friday strategies

Welcome to another installment of Cat Chat!

Thanks for all your feedback — both positive and constructive — after last’s week inaugural episode. We’re still figuring out what’s the best format, the best location, the best way to deal with my unruly hair — so thanks for your patience. And keep the comments coming!

This week I’m chatting with Jermel-Lynn Quillopo, Nonstop contributor who writes the Social Encore blog. She’s also an avid shopper and Black Friday veteran. So we brought her on the show this week to share her Black Friday strategy and share her tips for getting what you want on the country’s busiest shopping day of the year.

And these are practical tips I’m considering. I’ll be honest: I’m not a shopper. I prefer to buy online than fight crowds at the mall. But there’s something magical about Black Friday. I’ve never shopped on that day, but I have covered the spectacle as a reporter — and the hype and excitement can even turn a non-shopper like me into a crazed bargain hunter. I’m sure you’ll find Jermel’s tips helpful — if not utterly entertaining!

If you’ve got advice to dish, share them here. We’re always open to your thoughts and comments!

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