Remarks for iPad the best note-taker ever

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Remarks as a wonderful application for the iPad that allows you to quickly annotate PDF documents as well as do some really awesome free-form note-taking. Remarks was developed by Readdle the same people who brought you applications like PDF Expert and Scanner Pro.

Remarks for the iPad allows you to write down your thoughts, capture ideas, annotate documents, outline notes and collect information from anywhere you take your iPad. This cool application allows you to capture basically anything that’s in your mind using all the best tools. At your disposal you have pens, highlighters, markers, floating text boxes, shapes and of course, an eraser.

One of the coolest features of Remarks is its ability to zoom into notes you captured freehand to get really precise details for reviews or edits. You can then zoom right back out to regular view to continue working on things in a broader scale. Unlike most note-taking applications, this is a full-featured document annotator with some powerful sharing features.

Remarks has many impressive capabilities, but one of them stands out – namely collaboration. Notes that are shared via email can be opened and changed by any other person who uses Remarks. Moreover, those notes are editable with Adobe Reader and Apple Preview on the Mac and PC. >>

Remarks for the iPad is $4.99 and is available in the App Store now for more information check out


Great video, enjoy watching you both. Have you also heard of the Noteshelf app? I heard it has Evernote and Dropbox integration.


VERY COOL. Is there a recommended stylus for this?


Shawn, in this video at about second 25 the iPad he is holding has seems to have a red illuminated home button. is this for real or part of the app? or does he have a new iPad 3? thx... great app btw.

johngarcia moderator

@kfinches The red button you're seeing is a custom Colorware iPad 2 that @readdle was giving away at the @macworldexpo show. It was gorgeous with a gloss black shell and bright red apple and home button. If you haven't already seen the amazing things that Colorware can do, check them out online at