Nonstop Tech: Omidyar Fellows Program

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We had a chance to chat with Kalei Stern, director of the Omidyar Fellows Program, a new leadership development program for Hawaii’s next generation of leaders. The inaugural class will include 12-15 people, who over the 15-month program, will participate in various leadership development activities to develop skills needed to affect positive, lasting change in Hawaii.

The program, initiated by the newly created Hawai’i Leadership Forum, will be accepting applications through June 30, at


DR: Thanks for the post.  Looked at the curriculum and noted that there is a session on "Authority and Influence"  which is a very interesting topic.  I like the inclusion of "developing healthy teams" as well.  To me the key to leadership is the being aware of the people you serve, the stakeholders, the peers, and the employees.  Once a "leader" understands that it is not all about him/her, then things really happen.  BTW, there is another thing called subordinate leadership...that is when a leader decides to follow another leader.  This is related to the authority and influence session.