Hawaii Geek Meet 2011

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On a normal day at Magic Island, you’ll see runners, bikers and an occasional wedding or two, but on Sunday, telescopes, ham radio antennas and Stormtroopers were on the scene for the 2011 Hawaii Geek Meet.

Geek Meet — a casual, friendly potluck gathering of geeks, provides an opportunity for like-minded enthusiasts from all walks of life to gather, share, learn and get to know each other.

Some 100 people came together Sunday to show that it’s okay to geek out every once in a while, including representatives from the UH Institute for Astronomy, Emergency Amateur Radio Club, Pacific Outpost of the 501st Legion, Costumers Guild of Hawaii, HiCapacity, Team Hawaii (Solar Decathlon 2011), Aquaculture Hub, International Game Developers Association, HiPad, Honolulu Startup Weekend, TechHui.com, Bytemarks and HawaiiThreads.com.

Nonstop was there to capture the geekery first-hand:

Hawaii Geek Meet 2011

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