Five geeky ways to to get fit

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Finally the madness of Christmas is over and we can get on with our normal lives. Well almost, because now we have to get cracking on our New Year’s resolutions. You remember those things right? The ones we all get rolling with on the second day of the new year, but normally have totally abandoned within the first few weeks.

This year is going to be very different because the Nonstop Tech team is going to show you a few ways to use technology to get you further along with your resolutions.

The first category we’ll cover in our series is surely the most common resolution uttered during this time of year — weight loss. This is the granddaddy of all the resolutions, yet it’s constantly said to little avail. Here are five easy and inexpensive ways technology can get you there this year.

Nonstop Tech: Five geeky ways to to get fit

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The Fitbit is a simple device that tracks your daily steps, distance walked, stairs climbed, calories burned and it also measures your sleep cycles. The Fitbit wirelessly uploads your activity data to whenever you are within 15 feet of the included USB base station. It’s fast and simple.

Fitbit is $99 for the device, and you can opt for the Premium Membership for $49 per year.

If you have any suggestions or experiences with cool technology for health and fitness please, leave them in the comments below.


O absolutely love my Fitbit. I also like that it syncs with RunKeeper, as well as a bunch of other services. The $100 initially scared me off, but when I added up the amount I spent on apps and other pedometers that weren't as good, it was over $100. And add to that the fact that I still had to manually track most of that. Fitbit is just easy and let's you just do your thing.

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I'm really interested in the UP by Jawbone, It seems to offer a lot for such a low price point and without the need to pay a subscription fee like the fitbit. In the past, I've used an app similar to Lose It called Livestrong. I liked its' ability to alter portions and create your own foods as well as frequent activities/calories burned. I was always concerned though with how accurate it was but it is a great way to keep accountability in mind!


If you are using a food tracker you may find putting in local foods a bit hard. Good news @mikesumida sent me a link via Twitter for the Hawaii Foods Nutrition Database at by CTAHR at University of Hawaii