‘Hawaii Five-0′ premiere at Sunset on the Beach

B2A1175Thousands turned out for Saturday’s Season 5 premiere of “Hawaii Five-O” at Sunset on the Beach in Waikiki, with the full cast in attendance.

As in years past, the stars of the hit CBS series made their way down a red carpet, including Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park, Jorge Garcia, Scott Caan, Alex O’Loughlin, Mark Dacascos, Teilor Grubbs, Ian Anthony Dale and Taylor Wily. Before the screening of this season’s premiere episode, the actors, along with executive producers Roberto Orci and Peter Lenkov, thanked fans for their continued support. After the screening, the band Bush, led by Gavin Rossdale, took the stage.

In terms of fashion, we spotted everything from Versace (Park) to Christian Dior (O’Loughlin) to Missing Polynesia (Wily). I even got the skinny from the sometimes elusive Caan, who told me he was wearing a Gitman vintage shirt.

_B2A0752A brief recap of the 100th episode: It began with an awkward therapy session and a flashback. The bro-mance is not over, but McGarrett and Danno are in partner’s therapy, working out a few issues. McGarrett even explains why he’s always the one to drive. Now on to the action… I’m so glad Jerry Ortega, played by Garcia, is back and he’s taking on a drone, actually a fully loaded drone that’s threatening the lives of Honolulu residents. I won’t give away too much, but it’s an adrenaline-filled episode that’s fun to watch. Mini spoiler: Kono, played by Park, is definitely getting closer to Dale’s character, Adam Noshimuri. Something big is coming up in that relationship; I can feel it.

Here’s a look at the overall event, and some red carpet fashion:

"Hawaii Five-0" Season 5 premiere

Photo by Travis Okimoto

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Red carpet looks

"Hawaii Five-0" red carpet fashion

Grace Park wearing an emerald green epic Versace.

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‘Project Runway’ recap – Zamora wins rainway challenge

Kini and FrankKini Zamora fans gathered at the Pau Hana Lounge on Thursday night to watch “Project Runway” episode 8, the rainway challenge. We all knew it would be an epic runway show — we’re talking rain on the runway; but no one could have imagined the level of avant garde excellence we’d see from Zamora.

Presentation1The judges loved Zamora’s design, but they were split between his design and Sean’s transformative design. When activated by water, Sean’s creation morphed into a genius look (thanks to Rit powder dye). Ultimately, Sean and Kini were deemed co-winners and the fans watching the episode with Zamora went wild, sharing high-fives and cheers.

Fade was sent home, but the consensus is that Korina would have been packing her bags, if she wasn’t granted immunity from last week’s win.

We had a chance to sit with Zamora at the viewing party and chat:

Kini designHow does it feel to be back from Fashion Week in New York City and here watching this episode with family and friends?

You know, Hawaii has been so supportive, and I hear so many people tell me that they have viewing parties, even people that I don’t know. So I knew that I wanted to do something when I came back to say, “thank you for your support,” and that’s why I wanted to host a viewing party and have it open to the public. It feels surreal to be here with my family, friends, colleagues and fans.

Kini's reactionYour “rainway” design is next-level caliber, what was your inspiration and when did you know, “I got this?”

I was inspired by the parameters of the challenge, and knew I would be doing an avant-garde reverse umbrella design, but it was more than that. I knew I really had to let go, and to go beyond, and take it to the next level to prove that I deserved that win. The judges expect a lot from me and I knew it had to be epic. I guess you could say I knew it was going to be a good result when I heard the judges’ reactions.

I know you can’t say much about the rest of the season, but we did see images of you showing in New York this past week…

As you know, “Project Runway” does have contestants showing at fashion week who are not in the top three, it serves as a decoy, but at the same time, those who get to show their collection are so blessed to get that experience. I can tell you and your readers, keep watching. It gets very interesting, there will be so much creativity and it will be exciting.



‘Project Runway’ viewing party announcement and recap

Kini_flyerBefore I get into my recap, big announcement… you’ll have a chance to watch the next episode of “Project Runway” with Kini Zamora himself on Thursday, Sept. 11 at the Pau Hana Lounge at 746 Kohou St., from 5-9 p.m. He just got back from New York Fashion Week.

No spoiler here, all contestants go back to watch the final three do their thing at the end of the season. But can I just say, I think he was one of them.

Alexander and SamBack to the recap; last Thursday’s “Project Runway” episode 7 designs were less than stellar, thank goodness the Chopard jewelry collections added spice and glamor to the runway looks.

The designers’ challenge was to create a glamorous evening-wear look that would be inspired by, and worn with, the Chopard pieces chosen by the designers.

After the challenge overview, it was clear that mentor, Tim Gunn was almost distraught. Char’s episode 6 departure weighed heavily on him, and he decided to use his one and only “Tim Gunn save” to bring her back. That was the highlight of the episode; to see the other designers happy to have her back. So, perhaps now Char will be a bit friendlier to Amanda, being that they were both brought back and given a second chance.

Korina describes her winning look.

Korina describes her winning look.

To recap, Korina won, and she deserved it. The Southwestern vibe of the design and homage to her Native American roots paid off.

Samantha went home for her way too safe gown, but I think Alexander should have been eliminated. Gunn was right; the grey taffeta looked like a lava field. It seriously blocked the Chopard necklace.

Not sure how Kini's look ended up on the bottom three, while Amanda's look was in the top three...

Not sure how Kini’s look ended up on the bottom three, while Amanda’s look was in the top three…

Kini’s design received mixed reviews. Judges Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum liked it, but he was nailed for the uncharacteristic, less-than-perfect construction of the bustier. Clearly, Zac Posen and the rest of the judges hold him to a higher standard.

Perhaps that’s why the judges placed him at the bottom three.


Eden in Love – Divas Doing Good

BookiesI’m all about a good cause, and when fashion’s in the mix, it’s even sweeter. Speaking of sweet, this weekend, Eden in Love and The Wedding Cafe hosted a Bookies + Cookies event serving ice cold milk and freshly baked cookies at their new location at Ward Warehouse. Shoppers donated children’s book to Friends of the Library, a nonprofit organization that promotes and supports resources for Hawaii public libraries.

In celebration of their new store opening I wanted to share a few of my favorite things about Eden in Love and The Wedding Cafe:

* The Wedding Cafe – co-owner/partner Tanna Dang is seriously a genius. The concept of being a2014-09-03 18.15.07 go-to wedding resource for couples planning to take the plunge has been a business model that’s endured and grown in popularity.

* Eden in Love – the fashions are consistently on point, not too trendy, easy flowing and, this season, and vibrant and geometric.

* Divas Doing Good – Love this program! They partner with various non-profit organizations to do good in the community. They support local organizations and they’ve expanded their reach to go international; supporting efforts to adopt a village in Sri Lanka.

groupThey raise funds by partnering with local designers who donate a portion of their proceeds to the non-profit of their choice.

Stop by their Gifts that Give section in the store to learn more.

‘Project Runway’ recap – true colors

Photos provided by Lifetime.

Last Thursday’s episode 6 seemed a bit off. No, it wasn’t the weirdness and unlikely pairing of mentor Tim Gunn walking guest judge Dita Von Teese down the aisle. But a couple of “sketch” things did happen on the show.

To recap, the designers were faced with a group challenge and their task was to create two wedding outfits, one for the ceremony and the other for the reception. Burlesque dancer/costume designer Von Teese was the challenge muse. It’s about time they had this Hollywood, Golden-Age style icon on the show.

(l to r) Korina and Amanda and the uncomfortable silence.

(l to r) Korina and Amanda and the uncomfortable silence.

True colors are starting to show, and the cordial atmosphere is fading fast. Korina’s attitude and jealousy is getting the best of her. She called her ally Amanda “a phony.” Mind you, Amanda has won two challenges and Korina has been on the bottom. Char also chimed in stating that all of Amanda’s wins are taking away from people who deserve them (note: Amanda was invited to come back as a fan favorite from Season 11 ). Payback is a you-know-what… Char and Sandyha had the worst outfits; the yellow ensembles and unfinished looks hurt my eyes. The judges sent Char home. Korina ended up being paired with Amanda. Lucky for Korina, Amanda got them through the challenge completing Korina’s ensemble.

Kini and SeanSpeaking of coming through and completing a project, Kini and Sean were partners and were without a doubt, the winning team – judge Zac Posen called them the Dream Team. But when it came down to the finishing line, Sean spent so much time on his tuxedo pants that he couldn’t complete the blouse. Kini came through and completed the majority of the blouse. Judges were split -  Nina Garcia and Zac Posen were impressed with Sean’s effortless blouse and tuxedo pants for the reception look, while Heidi Klum and Von Teese loved Kini’s femme/masculine ceremony dress. During the judges review, Sean had the perfect opportunity to come clean and let them know that Kini completed the execution of the blouse, but he didn’t. Kini chose to take the higher ground and didn’t speak up. The judges gave the win to Sean, and again, the post-event fallout and consensus of “Project Runway” fans say that “Kini got ripped off.”

I had a chance to chat with Zamora about this episode and the ensuing drama…

I noticed that for the last two episodes, you haven’t had your same model. Was there a reason for a switch?

What viewers didn’t get a chance to see was an off-screen model switch. During that time, another designer decided to take my model. The model I’ve been working with has been a blessing and I LOVE working with her… She brings the designs to life!

It was clear that Dita and Heidi loved your design, and in their eyes, you were the clear winner. Do you think if Zac and Nina knew you completed half of Sean’s ensemble, it would have made a difference?

As for Zac and Nina… I truly honor their expertise, critiques and their mindful journey in getting to every decision through all designers’ works. Nevertheless, a challenge is a challenge. This was a team challenge, and I did what was best for the team and to the best of my abilities.

Kini doing his thingYour national following is growing, and it has to do with your talent, but also it’s clear that people love the way you conduct yourself on the show. How does it feel to have so many #DesignerKini fans?

It’s been an awesome experience thus far, and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude to all my supporters old and new and from near and far. It is so humbling to have my work appreciated… I’m still in awe of this experience. I’m truly blessed to be making strides and getting the positive support from all of my #DesignerKini friends.

I know you can’t share too much with us, but can you tell us a little about what to expect in the next episode?

For the next episode, stay tuned and expect to see more creative juice flow through my fashions as we designers are inspired by fine Chopard Jewelry and encounter more adventures with Timm Gunn and the crew.