Who’s coming: Eat the Street Bacon

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Who’s up for some bacon? That’s right, Eat the Street Bacon is happening once again, with lots of fun dishes made with the food we know we’re not supposed to eat, but absolutely love. More menus will be added as they’re received.

See you Friday for another great evening of eating.

When: Friday, April 26, from 4-9 p.m.
Where: 555 South St. in Kaka’ako (at Halekauwila, kitty-corner from Restaurant Row)
Admission: Free
Parking: On-site and street parking

Here’s the lineup:


All Kine Grindz

Contact: 808-368-4799; habilitat.com/all-kine-grindz.html; All Kine Grindz on Facebook

On the menu: Kiawe chicken; Mongolian ribs; smoked meat; ribeye bacon cheeseburger; green curry lamp with smoked bacon; garlic shrimp; crab cakes; lau lau with poke and poi; fresh ahi with wasabi mayo; roast pork. (Note: The food truck’s proceeds benefiting Habilitat.)

Malama Card discount: TBD


Aloha Pops

Contact: 808-286-4699; @AlohaTricycle (Twitter); alohatricycle.com

On the menu: Chocolate caramel-dipped bacon fudge pop; strawberry lemon drop; root beer float pop

Malama Card discount: TBD


Baja Style Mexican Food

Contact: 808-291-2096; @bajastylehi (Twitter)

On the menu: El rolla de queso con tocino (flour tortilla rolled with melted cheese, roasted Poblano chiles and peppers and applewood-smoked bacon); Bacon Nachos Fundido (homemade bacon laced with cheese sauce over corn chips with beans, fresh salsa and more bacon); can add applewood-smoked bacon to any Baja Style Burrito Grande

Malama Card discount: TBD


Beyond Burgers

Contact: beyondburgers@gmail.com; Beyond Burgers Honolulu on Facebook

On the menu: All grass-fed burgers: Bacon specialty burger with bleu cheese, applewood-smoked bacon, caramelized onions, BBQ sauce, roasted garlic aioli; all-beef bacon-wrapped hot dog; cheeseburger; plus strawberry lemonade, watermelon lemonade and Arnold Palmer — half lemonade, half iced tea

Malama Card discount: $1 off drink purchase, limit 2 per card



Contact: 808-591-7711; Bobalicious Boba Drinks on Facebook

On the menu: Boba drinks

Malama Card discount: TBD



Contact: 808-220-1767; www.dolcita.com; @dolcitahawaii (Twitter); Dolcita on Facebook

On the menu: Buttermilk pan cupcake with maple bacon frosting; bacon caramel cheesecake; bourbon bacon bread pudding; cupcakes; ;cheesecakes; tiramisu; cream puffs

Malama Card discount: One free cupcake for every three purchased


Elena’s Home of Finest Filipino Foods

Contact: Elena’s Restaurant in Waipahu 808-676-8005; www.ElenasRestaurant.com; @ElenasFilipino (Twitter), www.facebook.com/ElenasRestaurant

What’s on the menu: Pork Adobo Fried Rice Omelet; Crispy Lechon Special with Seasoned Tomatoes & Onions; Sweet Apple Banana with Chocolate Drizzle; Elena’s Extreme Lechon Kawali (large chunks of lechon tossed with crispy bacon and served with sliced onions and vinegar garlic sauce); Elena’s Banana Bacon Chocolate Lumpia

Malama Card discount: Free soda with plate lunch




On the menu:Texas BBQ-pulled pork and bacon nachos; Canadian bacon mac ‘n’ cheese; fusion tacos; smoked meat plate

Malama Card discount: TBD


Five-O Ribs

Contact: 808-228-9188; www.FiveORibs.com; Five-O Hawaiian Style Smoked Ribs on Facebook

On the menu: Smoked barbecue ribs and chicken leg quarters, both plate lunches with smoked barbecue bacon baked beans and green salad

Malama Card discount: TBD


Hawaiian Waffledog Company

Contact: hawaiianwaffledogcompany.com

On the menu: Waffledogs

Malama Card discount: TBD


Hawaii’s Fried Musubi

Contact: 808-391-3835; @friedmusubiHI (Twitter), Hawaii’s Fried Musubi on Facebook

On the menu: Fried Spicy Bomb Musubi and Mama’s Fried Chicken Combo; Fried Hawaiian Style Ahi Musubi and Mama’s Fried Chicken Combo; Fried Classic Spam Musubi and Mama’s Fried Chicken Combo; mushroom fried in bacon bit batter with furikake mayo and topped with more bacon

Malama Card discount: Buy three desserts, get an order of fried Oreos


Hula Shrimp Co.

Contact: Hulashrimp@yahoo.com

On the menu: TBD

Malama Card discount: TBD


Il Gelato

Contact: 501 Sumner St.; 808-542-9276; @IlGelatoHawaii (Twitter); Il Gelato Hawaii on Facebook

On the menu: Gelato/Sorbetto: Maple bacon gelato; lychee sorbetto; Gianduia (Hazelnut/Chocolate); Old fashioned chocolate; Kona coffee gelato, Tahitian vanilla gelato; raspberry sorbetto; mango sorbetto; Affogato (Tahitian vanilla with double shot espresso); root beer float

Malama Card discount: Buy two scoops of gelato, get the waffle cone for free


Island Sandwich Creations

Contact: 808-636-0667

On the menu: Pork sandwich, chicken sandwich, Italian meatball sandwich, garlic shrimp plate, bacon garlic shrimp plate

Malama Card discount: TBD


Jawaiian Irie Jerk

Contact: 808-388-2916

On the menu: Bacon jerk pork bites with rice and peas and ital

Malama Card discount: TBD


Kava Boy

Contact: kavaboy.tumblr.com/; @kavaboyHI (Twitter)

On the menu: Kava drinks and desserts

Malama Card discount: TBD


Kettle Corn Hawaii

Contact: 808-306-2444; kettlecornhawaii.com; Kettle Corn Hawaii on Facebook

On the menu: Various flavors of kettle corn, include bacon kettle corn

Malama Card discount: Buy two large bags, get a small bag for free


Kiawe Pizza

Contact: Kiawe Pizza on Facebook

On the menu: Pizza slices, including BST (tomato sauce topped with bacon, organic baby spinach, tomato and cheese)

Malama Card discount: $1 off a pizza



Contact: 2626 S. King St; 808-941-7255; Kohnotori on Facebook

On the menu: Yakitori

Malama Card discount: TBD


Koi Catering & Takeout

Contact: 808-845-4564; 2028 Dillingham Blvd. (formerly Pu’uwainani’s Plate Lunches)

On the menu: Bacon-wrapped shrimp; spicy bacon monchong dynamite; ground beef and ground bacon lumpia

Malama Card discount: Buy two entrees from special board and receive a free brownie


Kona Ice

Contact: www.kona-ice.com; Kona Ice Aloha on Facebook

On the menu:Various flavors of iced treats, including bacon flavor shave ice syrup; soft pretzel bits (regular or bacon-infused with choice of dipping sauce); lemonade

Malama Card discount: TBD



Contact:808-678-1678; 94-866 Moloalo St. in Waipahu (restaurant); Laverne’s Restaurant and Catering on Facebook

On the menu: Hawaiian plates

Malama Card discount: TBD


Liquid Pleasure

Contact: 808-780-9288 or email streetgrindz@gmail.com

On the menu: Smoothies, shakes, frappes, espresso

Malama Card discount: 50 cents off any drink on menu


Momo Burger

Contact: 808-772-1074; momoburgerhi.com; Momo Burger on Facebook

On the menu: Bacon burger; kimchee burger; bacon patty melt with “red eye” gravy; garlic fries

Malama Card discount: Buy a burger and fries, get a free drink


No Ka Oi Cookie Company

Contact: 808-489-2642; nokaoicookiecompany.com; No Ka ‘Oi Cookie Company on Facebook

On the menu: Cookie ice cream sandwich with Dave’s Hawaiian ice cream in vanilla, chocolate, Kona coffee and green tea; brownies (chocolate chip-chunk, Reese’s chocolate peanut butter chip, turtle brownie, bacon chocolate); brownies a la mode with choice of ice cream; “sundae style” for any of the above; A&W root beer floats; ultimate chocolate bacon cookie and peanut butter bacon cookie; also bacon toppings for ice cream sundaes

Malama Card discount: Save $1 on two or more ice cream sandwiches or brownie a la modes


Okonomi Grinds

Contact: 808-741-8123; okonomigrinds.com; OkonomiGrinds on Facebook

On the menu: Okonomiyaki

Malama Card discount: TBD


Olay Thai

Contact: 808-487-4001; 99-927 Iwaena St. in Aiea; Olay’s Thai Food on Facebook

On the menu: TBD

Malama Card discount: TBD



Contact: 808-354-2949; www.onopops.com; @OnoPops (Twitter); OnoPops on Facebook

On the menu: Peanut butter and bacon (candied organic bacon in organic peanut butter ice cream)

Malama Card discount:50 cents off Onopop


Otsuji Farm

Contact: 808-368.1135; otsujifarm.com

On the menu: TBD

Malama Card discount: TBD


Paul’s Poppers

Contact: 808-351-7583; Paul’s Poppers on Facebook; paulspoppers.com

On the menu: Bacon mac and cheese poppers, bacon cheddar cheeseburger poppers, crab and bacon rangoon poppers, bacon-peanut butter Chocoruption poppers, spinach-artichoke poppers, three-cheese jalapeno poppers

Malama Card discount: TBD


Pomai Kulolo

Contact: Pomai Kulolo on Facebook

On the menu: Poi; kulolo; haupia; haulolo

Malama Card discount: TBD


Pop Pop Donuts

Contact: 808-664-3287; poppopdonuts.com; @poppopdonuts on Twitter; Pop Pop Donuts on Facebook

On the menu: Fresh mini donuts (plain, powdered sugar and cinnamon/sugar, espresso sugar) with sauces/glazes (bacon bits, maple glaze with bacon bits, caramel bourbon with bacon bits)

Malama Card discount: Buy two dozen, get a half dozen free


Pt. Suisse Crepes

Contact: 310-663-4090; @PtSuisseCrepes (Twitter); Pt. Suisse Crepes on Facebook

On the menu: The Elvis (peanut butter, bacon and banana); Dream (Nutella, strawberry and banana); The Presley (bacon, egg, mozzarella and syrup); Caprese (mozzarella, tomato and basil oil)

Malama Card discount: TBD


Shogunai Tacos

Contact: shogunaitacos.com; @Shogunai_Tacos (Twitter); Shogunai Tacos on Facebook

On the menu: Spicy bacon-lettuce-tomato taco; Zeus’ Glory taco; Osaka Jo taco; South of Border taco; Damascus veggie taco

Malama Card discount: TBD


Simply Ono

Contact: 808-728-0441

On the menu: Chocolate-covered bacon, rumaki of bacon-wrapped garlic and bacon-wrapped water chestnuts, pancetta mac and cheese, kalua pig, smoked salmon belly with musubi

Malama Card discount: TBD


Soul Patrol

Contact: 808-735-7685; pacificsoulhawaii.com; @pacificsoul (Twitter); Soul Patrol on Facebook

On the menu: Slab bacon with togarashi and maple syrup; garlic shrimp and grits with bacon gravy; bacon mac ‘n feta cheese; bacon-banana pudding with wafers, whipped cream and chocolate

Malama Card discount: TBD


Street Frites

Contact: TBD

On the menu: TBD

Malama Card discount: TBD


Sweet Revenge

Contact: 808-282-0234; sweetrevengehonolulu.com; Sweet Revenge Honolulu on Facebook

On the menu: Dark chocolate mousse pie with bacon bits; maple-bacon pie with white cake, pastry cream, bacon bits and candied bacon; bacon quiche; bacon mac ‘n cheese pie; other pies

Malama Card discount: TBD


Tin Hut BBQ

Contact: 808-492-8676; www.tinhut-bbq.com; Tin Hut BBQ on Facebook

On the menu:TBD

Eat Local dish: TBD


Whatcha Fillin’

Contact: 808-389-0205; whatchafillin.com; Whatcha Fillin’ on Facebook

On the menu: Mac Daddy (bacon mac and cheese); Beer Goggles (beer simmered chicken apple sausage with bacon and garlic mayo); Gimme S’more (homemade chocolate fudge, marshmallow and graham crackers)

Malama Card discount: Buy two, get one free



Contact: 808-454-7954

NFL team and food inspiration: TBD

On the menu: TBD

Malama Card discount: TBD


Wow Wow Waffle

Contact: 530-638-4969; Wow Wow Waffle on Facebook; @wowwowwaffle (Twitter); www.wowwowwaffle.com

On the menu: Street waffles: Spicy Bacon (bacon, cheddar and jalapeno); Hule Chicken (Hule Hule BBQ chicken, bacon and cheddar); Tropical Treat (local apple banana, whipped cream and macadamia nuts); Belgian Torpedo: (Belgian chocolate sticks, local strawberries); Spekuloos Gingerbread spread; Pumpkin Spice (pumpkin custard, cinnamon spice and whipped cream); Street Waffle + Powder sugar; Street Waffles; lilikoi lemonade; blackberry lavender lemonade; strawberry lemonade

Malama Card discount: TBD


Xtreme Tacos

Contact: 808-954-5477; www.xtremetacos.com; @xtremetacos (Twitter); Xtremetacos on Facebook

On the menu: Burritos, tacos and more

Malama Card discount: TBD


nonstopmari moderator

 @GrantOS808 menus are still coming in from vendors. we added abt a dozen more thru the day today