UH football preview: More of the same

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Hey, did you know the University of Hawaii football season kicks off tomorrow against Colorado? Judging by the ever-dwindling season ticket sales, it doesn’t appear that people are aware. Or worse, and likely more accurate, they don’t care.

Head coach Norm Chow will be entering his fourth season and despite some key changes to the staff and players, there’s no reason to believe it will be any different than his three losing seasons. It looks like the general public agrees. Chow has eight wins in three years. I remember when we used to get that many in a single season. And yet this man somehow has kept his job. Hard to argue against a 400 percent increase in wins, I guess, even if the starting point is a single victory in 2013.


Some desperate optimists have called the hiring of new offensive coordinator Don Bailey and the debut of former USC quarterback Max Wittek a chance for positive change. You think learning a brand new offense with a new QB is easy? It takes NFL players months to get in sync with a new offense, and that’s their full-time job. Will college kids dealing with classes, studying and frat parties be able to learn just as quickly? I highly doubt it. The defense was adequate last year but lost a lot of players to graduation. New defensive coordinator Tom Mason has some talent to work with but will have his hands full with a brutal early season schedule. It will take all his motivational skills just to keep his players from quitting after the first quarter of the season.

Season ticket sales have gone down approximately 25 percent since Chow took over. This season they’re at a record low 15,000 tickets. Still don’t think we can’t afford to buy him out of his contract? At this rate, UH won’t be able to afford the team bus ride to Aloha Stadium. A 13-week schedule with no open dates certainly won’t help matters either.

Not an uncommon sight at Aloha Stadium nowadays

I shall forever remain a faithful UH fan as I have been for more than 30 years. I’m also a season ticket holder (one of a dying breed) and my dad and I will be at Aloha Stadium for every home game as usual. But the dynamic of the game has changed, and I don’t mean on the field. Going to Aloha Stadium used to be about watching and cheering on our Bows. But as Coach Chow’s uninspired, yawn-inducing style of play worsens each year, my dad and I watch the game less and just take the time to catch up. I anticipate more talk story time with my dad this year. Plus, he makes the best Spam musubi.