Thanksgiving greetings

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Just a quick note to say thank you for reading Nonstop Honolulu and supporting our team of writers, bloggers, photographers and videographers. We’re grateful that you’ve come with us on this digital journey, and we truly appreciate you being part of and supporting our online community.

My personal thanks to the tireless Nonstop crew: Tracy Chan, Melissa Chang, Myong Choi, John Garcia, Jerome Koehler, Cory Mitsui, Ed Morita, Doc Rock, Mari Taketa, Catherine Toth, Dallas Nagata White and Ed White, as well as to the many talented people who’ve contributed to the site, including Jermel-Lynn Quillopo, Ryan Ozawa, Burt Lum, Andrew Lee, Jonas Maon, Sean Nakamura, Gabe Yanagihara, Stephen C., Oscar Hernandez, Mike Sumida and Lindsey Txakeeyang.

Happy Thanksgiving, Honolulu!


Thank you, Diane, and thanks to all you readers who check out the site regularly and keep us going! <3

nonstopmari moderator

well said, diane! i'm thankful to be part of a team w/ vision, skill and heart, and to be covering my favorite topic, and most of all that @Annoddah_Dave and thousands of ppl keep reading us, and commenting, and coming to our events, and saying hi when we meet. <3 u all, thnku.


NSHnl: thanks folks for making my day, everyday!