Talking story with Anjelah Johnson

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When I posted on my Facebook page that I would be interviewing comic Anjelah Johnson, it’s funny that most of the comments were from my guy friends wanting me to ask her if she had a boyfriend. Even after I pointed out she was married, one friend wanted me to ask her if she wanted a boyfriend anyway. So it’s pretty obvious that Johnson’s good looks are responsible for some of her popularity. But those who are familiar with her material know that she can deliver the laughs as well. A woman who’s pretty AND has a sense of humor? It’s no wonder she’s one of the hottest female comics working today.

Here’s how my conversation with Johnson went:

Have you been to Hawaii before? If so, where are your favorite places to visit?

I’ve been to Hawaii many times and have lots of family there, although it will be my first time visiting Maui. And when I get to visit I love to go to Side Street Inn, Nico’s and Eggs ‘n Things. I also tried hurricane popcorn for the first time during my last visit and I loved it.

 Comedy2Anjelah (791x1024)You’re well known for doing a dead-on Vietnamese accent during your nail salon routine. How did you get so good at that?

I grew up in San Jose, which has a lot of Vietnamese people so I had lots of Vietnamese friends so I just kind of picked it up. I also do go to an actual Vietnamese nail salon and the ladies there taught me to count to 100 in Vietnamese. So when you hear my speaking Vietnamese at the end of the routine, I’m just saying some random Vietnamese phrases then counting in Vietnamese.

Since you’ve been here many times before, can you also do a pidgin accent?

Eh, how you? No, I can’t really do a pidgin accent, but I can kind of copy it if I’m conversing with someone speaking pidgin. But I can do a Filipino accent and I may be revealing that during my show.

Comedy1Anjelah (791x1024)So will we get to see your nail salon routine as well some Bon Qui Qui (her MadTV character) during your show?

Well I will have fresh material of course, but I also have to do the fan favorites. Otherwise, it’d be like going to a rock concert and the band doesn’t play any of their hit songs.

Who are your comedy role models?

I really looked up to George Lopez, Ellen Degeneres and Brian Regan when I was starting out. I just think they’re great storytellers. Mel Hall is my opening act and I think he’s great too.

You’ve done some TV and film work. Are you looking forward to more opportunities to act?

I hope so! I actually went to LA wanting to become an actress so any opportunities to act would be great.


Anjelah Johnson will be performing at Blaisdell Concert Hall Saturday, April 19, at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.