Spam Jam 2016

Spam fries. Spam lau lau. Spam tacos. Spam fried rice burritos. Ahi Spam katsu with mango salsa. Spam and egg Onopops. Spobblers.

The promise of powerful flavors drew 28,000 people to Waikiki on Saturday. Every which way your nose turned, Spam was in the air, thanks to 30-plus Spam-filled dishes from 16 restaurants and shops. And everywhere you looked, Kalakaua Avenue was filled with Spam swag.

Spam hats. Spam T-shirts. Spam totes. Spam Hydroflasks. Hello Kitty Spam musubi kits. Spam golf balls. Spam mac nuts.

Those needing respite from canned processed meat found it in live performances on two stages – everyone from Hiroshima and Germaine’s Luau to EMKE and Raiatea Helm. There were Spam photo ops and Frolic’s own Spam bag game, where knocking down a pyramid of Spam cans with beanbags got you some Frolic swag.

If you’re kicking yourself for missing the Spam party of the year, in the state with the highest per-capita Spam consumption in the U.S., mark your calendars for April 29, 2017: That’s when Spam Jam celebrates its 15th year in Waikiki. And console yourself with these Spammy highlights.


– Photos by Melissa Chang, Maka Kahawai and Kelli Shiroma