Something new: Sammies

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By now you’ve heard of The Little Oven, the quirky little dessert shop on King Street with the quirky owner and fabulous desserts. Owner Joyce Harada only opens on Friday and Saturday nights, and now the equally quirky Da Ala Cart (usually) pops up in her parking lot on those nights, too.

Well, today the quirky little spot is adding another layer of food service: lunch sandwiches. Abe Jazmin, formerly of the Tiki Truck, is launching a pop-up called Sammies in The Little Oven from Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. or until he sells out. He’s only got four sandwiches and a drink of the day, but if it gets busy enough, he’ll add more selections.

Abe Jazmin with a box of his Sammies.

Abe Jazmin with a box of his Sammies.

He actually did a soft launch last week during my juice cleanse, so I couldn’t get to him until Thursday. I told him on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday that I was coming on Thursday, and was buying lunch for all my coworkers. But in true Little Oven (quirky) fashion, he decided to close on Thursday. With my coworkers already on their way, I begged Abe to make me his sammies and he obliged, dropping off a box of subs and sauces as I shoved money into his pocket like a drug deal going down in my parking lot.

From left: Sammie Sauce-Ah, Porker, Pastrami (bottom) and Pho-My-Sammie.

From left: Sammie Sauce-Ah, Porker, Pastrami (bottom) and Pho-My-Sammie. Photos by Abe Jazmin.

Why am I telling you all this? Since the sandwiches were delivered, they don’t look as vibrant and appetizing in my photos as they do on his instagram. But hey, it’s his first week. This is just a peek at what Abe is serving, and you will find his menu morphing as time goes on. Just know that there is a new lunch alternative in McCully now.

porkerThe sandwiches are $9 each and are served with a side of au jus for dipping. You can also get his spicy mango sauce, which adds a nice kick. They are:

Porker: roast pork, provolone cheese, garlic choi sum and his signature “crack sauce.” You’ll find that, especially because of the ong choi, this sandwich tastes like a Royal Kitchen manapua. I went back and forth on this, eating it plain, then eating with the au jus.

pastramiPastrami: No surprises here. A straightforward pastrami sandwich with pepper Jack cheese, lightly pickled cabbage, and crack sauce. My one request for next time? More crack sauce on everything, but especially the pastrami.

phoPho-My-Sammie: Any meat, shredded carrots and cabbage, mint, basil, rauram (Vietnamese coriander), mild mango hot sauce, crack sauce, and pepper Jack cheese. This really does taste like pho in a bun!

Sammie Sauce-Ah: Named by Abe’s sister, this sandwich is a French dip with roast beef, provolone, caramelized onion, and crack sauce.sauce

The drink of the day is $3, and Abe has come up with a watermelon, mint and lime agua fresca that Joyce says is really good. I guess I’ll have to try it this week!

Sammies ~ inside The Little Oven
1467 S. King St.
Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.