Party pics: Phone Camera Photos 2016 Art Show

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Friday evening, the Arts at Marks Garage held the annual Phone Camera Photos show, a conceptual, curated gallery showing that featured the work of about 40 Hawaii photographers. The catch: All the images have to have been taken with mobile devices. But looking at some of these gorgeous pictures, you wouldn’t believe it!

In a nod to how far mobile technology has developed in the last few years, the show included dozens of high-quality black and white and full-color images, including some amazing panoramas. Guests at the reception were were handed an iPad and asked to take selfies for an online album, and received “ID badges” printed from a tiny Polaroid and strung on ribbon.

If you missed the reception, the work will be on display during the month of January (Tuesday-Saturday).

Note: In the spirit of the show, all the photos in this gallery were taken on an iPhone 4S.